Washburn Community Survey

The leadership of the Washburn Area Economic Development Association (WAEDA) and the Civic Club are joining together to learn more about the needs and wants of Washburn area residents by deploying a community survey!  The feedback generated through this survey will support the creation of a vision, strategy, and action plan to support economic and community development. Click HERE to access the electronic survey.  Hard copies of the survey can be found at Dakota West Credit Union, Farmers Security Bank, and Krause's Super Valu.  Please complete the survey by Friday, May 17th, 2019. Questions or comments regarding the survey can be directed to Megan Laudenschlager at megan@strengthennd.com or (701) 303-0840.

Thank you for your time and thoughts to help us shape the future development of Washburn!

Growing by the Numbers – November 2018

Click here to go to “Growing by the Numbers” – November 2018

ND: Quality of Life Improves Through Reduction in Poverty

The Census Bureau released a number of statistics related to poverty this fall for the prior year. In the one-year American Community Survey (ACS) release the US poverty rate was estimated to be 13.4 percent. North Dakota’s rate was 10.3 percent, putting the state among the 10 with the lowest rates of poverty in the ACS statistics for 2017. Since 2007, while the US poverty rate climbed at one point to nearly 16 percent using ACS data, North Dakota’s never exceeded 13 percent, reaching the highest point in 2009 and generally declining since. The state’s rate of poverty has trended down over the past 10 years. In 2007 North Dakota had an estimated poverty rate of 12.1, just under the national estimate of 13 percent. North Dakota ranked 27th lowest of the 50 states in that year. Source: Census Bureau ACS Files 1-Year 20072017 Table S1701

Main Street ND Team in Washburn 9/25

Every community has unique opportunities and challenges. The Main Street Initiative gives local leaders a direct access point to a variety of resources, helping capitalize on strengths and make sound planning decisions.

These efforts will help create vibrant cities poised to attract and retain a 21st century workforce, helping North Dakota compete and succeed in a global economy.

The Main Street Initiative is focused on three pillars of economic success: a skilled workforce; smart, efficient infrastructure; and healthy, vibrant communities to help North Dakota compete in an increasingly global economy.

Farmtown Infusion – Washburn

AGWEEK will be featuring Washburn families and farming businesses and visiting WEDNESDAY, 9/19 starting at 11:00 am.

People are the foundation of every successful farming community. Through the jobs they hold, the businesses they run, the energy they bring and the civic duties they perform, people sustain and nurture farm towns.

To remain successful, farm and ranch towns need an occasional infusion of determined young people. Whether they grew up in the community or moved there from elsewhere, people in their 20s and 30s — farmers, ranchers, bankers, agronomists and anyone else involved in production ag — help to renew their towns.

Send us your thoughts!

The old water tower in Washburn North Dakota

Developing a community and creating a place people want to live, gather, and do business is VERY important to people when moving to a community.

Are we doing enough in Washburn to be welcoming for people to WANT to move to Washburn?

Let us know what you think!