Farmtown Infusion – Washburn

AGWEEK will be featuring Washburn families and farming businesses and visiting WEDNESDAY, 9/19 starting at 11:00 am.

People are the foundation of every successful farming community. Through the jobs they hold, the businesses they run, the energy they bring and the civic duties they perform, people sustain and nurture farm towns.

To remain successful, farm and ranch towns need an occasional infusion of determined young people. Whether they grew up in the community or moved there from elsewhere, people in their 20s and 30s — farmers, ranchers, bankers, agronomists and anyone else involved in production ag — help to renew their towns.

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The old water tower in Washburn North Dakota

Developing a community and creating a place people want to live, gather, and do business is VERY important to people when moving to a community.

Are we doing enough in Washburn to be welcoming for people to WANT to move to Washburn?

Let us know what you think!


Why Washburn

Families . are turning away from the distractions of a city and are being drawn to the hospitality of our rural community, along with becoming awe-inspired by the beauty of the landscape. The peaceful environment, innovative school system, safe culture, and good career opportunities are further captivating families and they are finding themselves making Washburn their home.

Located on the banks of Missouri River, Washburn is where families can relish in nature’s abundance by accessing the river for a canoe or kayak adventure, fishing the vast fresh waters, discovering the locally grown agriculture, or hunting the thousands of acres of prairie. Also, thanks to the abundance of local historic sites, Washburn is truly a great place to learn about the American Frontier.

Also, within a short scenic drive, a challenging 18-hole golf course can be found along with two (2) ND State Parks with camping and cabin accommodations. And if city culture, fine dining, and a post-secondary education is coveted, Washburn’s proximity to Bismarck, the state’s capital city, allows for these offerings to all still be attained, while living in our rural community.

Tax Abatement Programs for New Buildings

Looking to build a new home?

Did you know:

  • New single-family, townhome, and condominium residential construction may receive up to 2 years of property tax abatement on the first $150,000 of the true and full value of the home.
  • New and existing buildings, structures, and improvements owned or leased by a qualifying project may qualify for property tax abatement for up to 5 years
  • New buildings, structures, and improvements constructed and owned by a local development corporation may receive a partial or complete exemption from ad valorem taxation while unoccupied.
  • A qualifying project which locates in a building owned by a local development corporation qualifies for the property tax incentives, provided application is made and granted prior to occupancy.