Special City Commission Meeting Minutes January 20, 2022

Washburn City Commission

Official Special Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 20, 2022

6:00 p.m., City Hall


Members Present: Larry Thomas, Don Simon, Mike Herdt, Kollin Syverson

Absent: Timothy Dockter

Thomas found a tar machine that he went and looked at and was in good condition. They would check the engine to make sure it worked properly before delivering it. The county has already said the city could purchase hot tar from them. Thomas motioned to purchase the tar machine for $10,500. Syverson seconded. Much discussion was had. Syverson-aye, Herdt-nay, Simon-aye, Thomas-aye. Motion carried.


Thomas adjourned the meeting at 6:12 PM.


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Chelsey Brandt, Auditor                                             Larry Thomas, President

City of Washburn                                                        City of Washburn