City Commission Meeting Minutes and Video February 7, 2022

Washburn City Commission

Official Meeting Minutes

Monday, February 7, 2022

6:30 p.m., City Hall


Members Present: Larry Thomas, Don Simon, Mike Herdt, Timothy Dockter, Kollin Syverson

Absent: None

President Thomas called the regular commission meeting to order at 6:30 P.M.

Dockter motioned to approve January 10, 2022, commission meeting minutes. Syverson seconded. Upon roll call, all members present voted aye. Motion carried.

Thomas stated that the special meeting minutes needed a correction. Monday needed to be changed to Thursday. Thomas motioned to approve January 20, 2022, special meeting minutes with the correction. Herdt seconded. Upon roll call, all members present voted aye. Motion carried.

No financials for the month.

A building permit for Richard Perkerewicz was discussed. He was among the residents that received clean up letters back in September. The commission wanted to remind him that he needs to get that property cleaned up before a building permit will be issued.

Brandt presented the Back Flow Ordinance. This ordinance is currently just for commercial and multi-dwelling buildings. A survey has been sent out to everyone that this pertains too. This will help the city determine who will be affected by this. Thomas motioned to forego the reading and accept it as written. Dockter seconded. Syverson-nay, Dockter-aye, Herdt-aye, Simon-aye, Thomas-aye. Motion carried. Thomas motioned to accept first reading of Ordinance #157 = Backflow Prevention. Doctor seconded. Syverson-nay, Dockter-aye, Herdt-aye, Simon-aye, Thomas-aye. Motion carried.

Brandt presented the pledge of securities report from Tru Community Bank. Dockter motioned to accept the funds. Herdt seconded. Upon roll call, all members present voted aye. Motion carried.

A resident had called inquiring about vacant lots up in Heritage Heights. Brandt informed him that currently they do not have any utilities ran to them but would look at ideas on how to develop that area. Eric, with AE2S presented a map that he would recommend doing if the city wanted to pursue this project. The project cost would be at least one million dollars and right now there are only ten lots to develop so not cost effective. There could be a possibility of expanding this project so more lots would be available. Thomas will appoint a committee to research this and come up with some ideas.

AE2S Update:

Intake Project-additional funding request is still being reviewed. Need to obtain two permits from the US Corp of Engineer yet.

Service to Blue Flint-prelim design & cost estimates are still being gone through. The Geotech

work should begin this week or next week.


Syverson – Lining up meeting with McLean Sheridan to discuss water rates.

Dockter – nothing

Herdt – Legion is working on replacing a window and the MH basement kitchen. Brandt asked if there could be communication on the projects being done. The Basement was rented for last weekend and somewhere between checking in on Thursday and Saturday – it was tore apart and left a mess. Brandt showed pictures and asked if the renter could be refunded her fees. Thomas motioned to refund money. Dockter seconded. Upon roll call, all members present voted aye.

Simon – Windmills are being discussed at next county planning & zoning meeting.

Thomas – nothing

Brandt – Will be gone February 14-16. Taste of Washburn is March 26th. The city will do lemonade and coffee again. Will figure out what else.


Syverson motioned to pay the bills.

31408 MC 323 US POSTAL OFFICE 296.57 1/22
31409 SC 11 ARAMARK 446.14 2/22
31410 SC 16 AT& T MOBILITY 102.70 2/22
31411 SC 29 BHG LEADER NEWS 574.00 2/22
31412 SC 34 BOBCAT OF MANDAN 199.09 2/22
31413 SC 54 CARDMEMBER SERVICES 862.84 2/22
31414 SC 82 D & E SUPPLY 934.88 2/22
31415 SC 117 ENERBASE COOPERATIVE 1647.65 2/22
31416 SC 123 FARMERS UNION INSURANCE 737.00 2/22
31417 SC 377 FRONTIER PRECISION, INC 1650.00 2/22
31418 SC 157 HAWKINS 3048.41 2/22
31419 SC 407 I STATE TRUCK CENTER 114.83 2/22
31422 SC 191 LIBERTY BUSINESS SYSTEMS 173.84 2/22
31423 SC 194 LINDELL LAW OFFICE 830.00 2/22
31424 SC 204 MCLEAN COUNTY IMPLEMENT LLC 142.14 2/22
31425 SC 205 MCLEAN COUNTY SHERIFF DEPT 14501.26 2/22
31426 SC 213 MVTL LAB 25.00 2/22
31428 SC 235 ND WORKFORCE SAFETY 2948.13 2/22
31429 SC 239 NEWMAN SIGNS INC 92.16 2/22
31430 SC 244 NRG TECHNOLGY SERVICES 659.34 2/22
31431 SC 248 ONE CALL CONCEPTS 2.50 2/22
31432 SC 252 PAINTED WOODS GOLF COURSE 35000.00 2/22
31433 SC 265 RDO EQUIPMENT 14.00 2/22
31434 SC 282 SCOTTS HARDWARE 454.51 2/22
31435 SC 406 SWANSTON EQUIPMENT CORP. 10500.00 2/22
31436 SC 337 WAGON WHEEL LUMBER 74.75 2/22
31437 SC 338 WAIA 1416.31 2/22
-89807 P SIT             ND DEPT OF REVENUE 834.51 12/21
-89806 P Unempl. Insur.  JOB SERVICE NORTH DAKOTA 83.11 12/21
-89805 P Payroll 9790.99 1/22
-89798 P FIT             EFTPS 3188.06 1/22
-89796 P Payroll 1867.03 2/22
-89789 P FIT             EFTPS 3277.15 2/22
31405 P AFLAC ACCIDENT  AFLAC 212.52 1/22
31406 P AD&D            UNUM 40.68 1/22
31407 P RETIREMENT      AMERICAN FUNDS 777.84 1/22

Dockter seconded. Upon roll call, all members present voted aye. Motion carried.


Next Meeting March 14, 2022.


Thomas adjourned the meeting at 7:36 p.m.


_____________________                                          _________________________

Chelsey Brandt, Auditor                                             Larry Thomas, President

City of Washburn                                                        City of Washburn