City Commission Minutes – Nov. 12, 2019

Washburn City Commission

Official Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

6:30 p.m., City Hall


Members Present: Larry Thomas, Noelle Kroll, Mike Herdt, and Kollin Syverson

Absent: Kit Baumann

President Thomas called the regular City Commission meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Syverson motioned to approve the 10/14/2019 meeting minutes.  Kroll seconded. Upon roll call, all members present voted aye.  Motion carried.


Kroll motioned to approve the financials.  Syverson seconded.  Upon roll call, all members present voted aye.  Motion carried.


Karen Thomas with Midwest Assistance Program is working on re-writing the water and sewer ordinance.  A working draft was given to the Commission for their review.


Bids were opened from the Public Sale.  There were two bids.  A bid from Chris Trzpuc was received for $1,234.56 for the Truck Mounted Vacuum Sweeper.  The second bid was from Shiloh Christian School for $7,100.00 for the Floor Coverings and Tugger.  Syverson motioned to accept the bid from Shiloh Christian School.  Herdt seconded.  Upon roll call, all members present voted aye.  Motion carried.  Thomas motioned to reject the bid from Trzpuc for the sweeper.  Kroll seconded.  Upon roll call, all members present voted aye.  Motion carried.


Snow removal bids were opened.  There was one bid.  A bid from Dirty Deeds Excavating was submitted.  Kroll motioned to accept Dirty Deeds Excavating’s bid.  Herdt seconded.  Upon roll call, all members present voted aye.  Motion carried.


A Memorial Hall rental agreement from Mike Nelson was presented for basketball practice.  He has asked for a waiver of the fees.  Herdt motioned to not waive the rental fee, and to continue to charge the $10.00 for a sporting activity.  Thomas seconded.  Syverson-aye, Herdt-aye, Kroll-nay, Thomas-aye.  Motion carried.


Heath Patterson and Chad Dahme with the Park Board presented a map indicating that the Park Board would like to install a concession stand and the Washburn School would like to install a scoreboard in the youth softball field.  This property is currently owned by the City of Washburn.  They will come back to the next City Commission meeting with documentation to discuss transferring the ownership to the Park Board.


Mr. Patterson and Mr. Dahme also presented an option 1 site plan from JLG Architects for a new pool.  The Park Board does not have the financial ability to fund this project.  The First District Health Inspector is stating that they will require a plan for improvement within the next few years or they will not renew the Park Board’s license.  Syverson thinks the structure of the pool is in relatively good condition.  The filtration system does need improvement.  Dahme states we need to do something and brought forth a worst case option.  Thomas stated we need to have the City’s finances in order before we can decide if the City can do anything.  Herdt said we cannot do anything until we know our financial situation.  Just like the Park Board cannot move forward until you have the finances.  Syverson suggested getting ahold of other vendors and ask for some other options.  Thomas asked them to come back in the spring.  And we can see where we sit after that.  Dahme asked about the $10,000 in the 2019 budget.  The Park Board did not request these funds this year and would like to request the funds be given to Painted Woods Golf Course which operates under the Park Board.  Thomas wanted to clarify, that just because it is in the budget, does not mean it needs to be disbursed.  It is there just in case something would happen.  Thomas thinks they need to make a formal request.


Ladd Erickson representing Painted Woods Golf Course stated they will be requesting funding from One Cent Sales Tax from both Washburn and Wilton.  Because they will be making this request, he presented some financial information to the board.  Thomas would like to see how the One Cent Sales Tax request goes and then ask to be added to a City Commission meeting agenda.


Renee Kugler was present to discuss the extended building permit for their fence, side yard fence and the retaining wall for their driveway.  Renee stated the fence is complete, but the retaining wall is not. Thomas motioned to allow them until June 1st to complete the retaining wall with the stipulation that no other permits will be issued until the retaining wall is completed and backfilled.  Syverson seconded.  Upon roll call, all members present voted aye.  Motion carried.


WAEDA has approved a storefront improvement grant for $5,000 to Dan Beutler.  Thomas motioned to approve the disbursement.  Kroll seconded.  Upon roll call, all members present voted aye.  Motion carried.


WAEDA has approved a storefront improvement grant for $5,000 to The Captain’s Cabin.  Thomas motioned to approve the disbursement.  Herdt seconded.  Upon roll call, all members present voted aye.  Motion carried.


NDDOT has sent the City an agreement asking the City to be responsible for the maintenance of speed display signs along Hwy 83 as a safety corridor project.  Herdt motioned to reject this agreement as it is written.  Syverson seconded.  Upon roll call, all members present voted aye.  Motion carried.


Midco has sent a Cable Franchise ordinance, the current ordinance #124 & 132 expired 10/15/2019.  Thomas is concerned that this will prevent another vendor from providing these services.  Syverson is also concerned about a sole franchise.  Price then stated if you do not renew this agreement you will be discontinuing the revenue of about $800.00 per month that the City receives from this agreement. Tabled.


Price presented a request from the Coal Conversion Counties to join their organization for $450.00.  The City has not been a member since 2015.  Thomas motioned to not become a member.  Syverson seconded.  Upon roll call, all member present voted aye.  Motion carried.


Price reached out to another City and asked who supplies their roll-off for the disposal of metal and appliances.  Price then reached out to them and they are very interested in providing this service.  The vendor stated it would be their roll-off and they would sell the scrap and give the City a portion of the proceeds.  Syverson asked what would happen if a non-compliant item was put in the dumpster.  Tabled.


Tricorneaudo has provide a quote for a stand-alone video/audio system for the conference room.  Currently we are downloading security footage to YouTube and then linking that to our Webpage.  The process is time consuming and of a very poor quality.  This system is not designed for this purpose.  Herdt will work on getting some additional bids, as he thinks we should be able to find an alternative system.


Price presented a Water Intake cost summary.  There will need to be some transfers to clean up fund 426.  We have submitted a funding request to the State Water Commission, and after the reimbursement is received, we can transfer out the excess Surge Funding sitting in this account.  Price is wanting to know if the earnest money for the purchase of the land should be funded by the Surge Funds, as it is not a reimbursable expense through the State Water Commission.  Thomas thinks we should use the Surge Funds to cover this expense.  Price will then bring the final transfer amount to the board for their approval once we receive the final funding.


As of July 1, 2019, NDIRF will be administrating State Fire and Tornado.  We have received requests from Western Frontier, Farmers Union Insurance and Cottingham Insurance to be name our agent of record.  We will be required to have an agent by 7/1/2020.  Thomas thinks we need to support our local agents.  Syverson asked if this is something we get charged for?  Herdt believes this is part of being a provider, the agent gets some portion of the premium for being our provider.  Tabled.


Eric Lothspeich with AE2S provided change order number 2 for the Washburn Main Avenue Street & Storm Project.  Thomas asked that we address the final payment application from Weisz & Sons first.  Thomas motioned to accept the change order and make the final payment to Weisz & Sons for $25,013.70.  Herdt seconded.  Upon roll call, all member present voted aye.  Motion carried.  Thomas now wanted to address the Engineering of this project.  Thomas stated he has a problem with the underestimating of the tree removal quantities and sidewalk causing a large increase in the project cost.  Syverson feels we hire the Engineering firm for their expertise and was expecting a better outcome.  Eric stated that a unit price bid is just that, an estimate.  You will never estimate exact.  This is why there is a balance change order at the end of this type of project.  He understands the disappointment in this due to the fact that the City had gone to One Cent Sales Tax to cover the cost of this project.  And had he known that in the beginning he would have added a contingency amount.


Lothspeich presented a proposal for the Water Treatment Plant server upgrade for $31,088.  This was initially a part of the Intake Project, and due to that project being on hold, this is a proposal for servers, software and I&C installation needed for the current plant.  The current server is nine years old and needs replacement.  Thomas asked if this would qualify as a reimbursable item from the State Water Commission. Lothspeich said he will need to check.  Because it was initially part of the Intake Project.  This may qualify.  Tabled.


Eric Lothspeich with AE2S gave an update on the following:

Intake improvement project – State Water Commission grant is good until March 2022 and FEMA grant is good until 2021.  The FEMA has not yet awarded this funding.

Special assessment review – Ryan needs to review the 2009 before finalizing.  Then they will move on to task #2.



Syverson – We need to address parking on Main Avenue. We need to do something to help with snow removal.  Can we ask for no parking during certain hours?  Thomas said we also need to address the pushing of snow onto boulevards on Border Lane.  This then blows back onto the street.  We need to address more than just downtown.

Herdt – City Hall had furnace problems.  They seem to be resolved.  For Memorial Hall rental, we are working on a fee for supplies used, linens, kitchen dishwasher chemicals. etc., so that if we waive the rental fee, this fee will not be waived as it is for the laundering of linens and supplies.  Crushed concrete has been installed in the Memorial Hall parking lot.  We will start looking at the handicap access next.

Kroll –Nothing.

Thomas – Nothing

Price – We have received notice of property within Washburn that has been taken by McLean County Auditor Tax Deed.  This property will be for sale 11/19/2019.  Another ad has been placed in the Leader News for the open Planning and Zoning position.

Bryan- Nothing


Syverson motioned to pay the bills.

Check Number Vendor Date Amount
1100   Farmers Sec.XX0074
022432E INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE 10/22/2019 $2,173.53
022433E GLOBAL PAYMENTS 10/2/2019 $56.44
022434E REVTRAK 10/8/2019 $298.57
022435E BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD 11/1/2019 $4,674.30
022436E CIRCLE SANITATION 10/20/2019 $7,907.00
022437E MIDCO 10/23/2019 $75.00
022438E MDU 10/31/2019 $258.32
022439E MEC 11/1/2019 $167.50
022440E OTTERTAIL POWER 10/16/2019 $4,269.42
30205-30209 Payroll 10/21/2019 $6,930.22
30210 FAMILY DOLLAR 10/21/2019 $70.89
30211 US POSTAL OFFICE 10/30/2019 $169.40
30212-30216 Payroll 11/4/2019 $6,976.38
30217 AE2S 11/12/2019 $11,316.95
30218 AFLAC 11/12/2019 $88.62
30219 AMERICAN FUNDS 11/12/2019 $581.74
30220 AMERIPRIDE 11/12/2019 $564.70
30221 ASCENDUM MACHINERY INC. 11/12/2019 $918.00
30222 AT& T MOBILITY 11/12/2019 $96.70
30223 BANYON DATA SYSTEMS 11/12/2019 $795.00
30224 BHG LEADER NEWS, INC 11/12/2019 $393.06
30225 CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY 11/12/2019 $105.00
30226 CARDMEMBER SERVICE 11/12/2019 $239.20
30227 CITY OF WILTON 11/12/2019 $15.00
30228 DACOTAH PAPER CO 11/12/2019 $333.59
30229 DIRTY DEEDS EXCAVATING 11/12/2019 $6,428.72
30230 ENERBASE COOPERATIVE 11/12/2019 $826.50
30231 FARMERS UNION INSURANCE 11/12/2019 $23,005.00
30232 HAWKINS 11/12/2019 $4,829.47
30233 JOHN HANCOCK ANNUITIES SERVICE 11/12/2019 $328.21
30234 KRAUSES SUPERVALU 11/12/2019 $13.90
30235 LIBERTY BUSINESS SYSTEMS 11/12/2019 $71.82
30236 MASTER FIRE & SAFETY 11/12/2019 $152.50
30237 MCLEAN CO TREASURER 11/12/2019 $2,283.73
30238 MCLEAN COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPT 11/12/2019 $13,169.68
30239 ND DEPT OF HEALTH LAB SERVICES 11/12/2019 $57.00
30240 ND HEALTH DEPT OF CHEMISTRY 11/12/2019 $579.92
30241 NEWMAN TRAFFIC SIGNS 11/12/2019 $206.68
30242 NRG TECHNOLGY SERVICES 11/12/2019 $1,167.80
30243 ONE CALL CONCEPTS 11/12/2019 $10.80
30244 PETTY CASH 11/12/2019 $1.60
30245 RDO 11/12/2019 $25.81
30246 RIVER AG 11/12/2019 $1,536.15
30247 SALHUS SEPTIC PUMPING 11/12/2019 $300.00
30248 SCOTTS HARDWARE 11/12/2019 $205.90
30249 THOMAS, ADAM 11/12/2019 $165.46
30250 UNUM LIFE INSURANCE CO 11/12/2019 $126.99
30251 WAGON WHEEL LUMBER 11/12/2019 $362.84


Kroll seconded.  Upon roll call, all members present voted aye.  Motion carried.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.



_____________________                                 _________________________

Ranie Price, Auditor                                       Larry Thomas, President

City of Washburn                                           City of Washburn