City Commission Minutes – Feb. 12, 2018

 City of Washburn 

Meeting Minutes 

February 12, 2018, 6:30 p.m. 

Commission Members Present: Thomas, Boehm, and Jacobson. Absent: Kroll and Baumann 

Thomas called the meeting to order. 

Thomas provided corrections to the January 10, 2018 City Commission Meeting Minutes. 

Motion to approve the January 10, 2018 meeting minutes with corrections, Jacobson and seconded by Boehm. Discussion: none. Aye: Jacobson, Boehm and Thomas. Nay: none. Absent: Kroll and Baumann. Motion Carried. 

Thomas has questions regarding financials. He asked about the changes made with no batch number. Hendrikson advised that those are budget changes. Thomas said he does have other financial questions that he will wait to ask Zimmerman. 

Motion to approve the January 2018 Financials, Boehm and seconded by Jacobson. Discussion: none. Aye: Jacobson, Boehm and Thomas. Nay: none. Absent: Kroll and Baumann. Motion Carried. 

Motion to accept the estimate from Weber Electric for lights in the city shop and outside, Jacobson and seconded by Boehm. Discussion: Jacobson asked if we want to pay the $208 for disposal of the lights or if the City just wants to take care of that portion. Thomas said that Circle Sanitation does take the lights. Boehm asked if the City can check if Circle Sanitation will take the lights and ballasts. Item tabled. Jacobson rescinded his motion. 

Agenda item for Bob Aaseth, Aaseth not in attendance, and no action taken. 

Discussion regarding burnt down home at 1431 1st Avenue. Thomas asked Hendrikson if she knows what Renee Bauer wants. Hendrikson advised Bauer has mentioned that she would like the fire department to do a controlled burn to burn down the home. Harold Tweeten of Flying T Construction advised that he was contacted by Renee Bauer to put together a bid to take care of the home. Bauer had mentioned having the home pushed in and buried or pushed back to see if the fire department will then burn the home. Verke says that there are overhead wires and even with pushing the house back, the fire department does not feel comfortable burning the home. Tweeten asked the City would grant a demolition permit just to have the home pushed over so Bauer can remove the shingles and have the home burned. Thomas said the home can’t just be knocked down without having a follow-up plan. 

Motion to waive the fee for the Lions Carnival on March 17th, Thomas and seconded by Jacobson. Discussion: none. Aye: Jacobson, Boehm and Thomas. Nay: none. Absent: Kroll and Baumann. Motion Carried. 

Discussion regarding John Kugler’s residence regarding parking on the sidewalk and moving vehicles. Thomas asked if the sheriff’s department has been ticketing Kugler. Hendrikson advised that he has been ticked in the past. Thomas asks that a letter be drafted for the commission review. 

Hendrikson advised that the 2016 Audit is almost complete. Boehm advised that we will wait to schedule the 2017 Audit until the 2016 Audit is complete. Thomas said that there is a bill from the Auditor’s, wondering if the audit is complete. Boehm advised that the bill states it is progress billing. 

Motion to accept the pledge of securities from Farmers Security Bank, Thomas and seconded by Jacobson. Discussion: none. Aye: Jacobson, Boehm and Thomas. Nay: none. Absent: Kroll and Baumann. Motion Carried. 

Thomas asked Tana Larsen if the City should continue to stay in the Red River Corridor Fund. Larsen advised that she is not familiar with this organization. Larsen advised she is not sure what benefits this brings to Washburn. Thomas advised it looks like it is loans for small businesses. Jacobson advised that the office should find out more information about the Red River Corridor Fund before the City decides to stay a part of this fund. Thomas asked if this costs the City any money to be a part of this organization. Hendrikson advised she does not know. Item tabled. 

Discussion regarding 2018 salary increase. Thomas advised that he did some calculating when health insurance went up in July 2017. Thomas said a family plan cost the city $1.07 per hour and a single plan cost $.41 per hour. Jacobson said if we are talking about pay raises, the full commission should be there. Boehm advised it would be nice if this was done timely, this should have been done in November. Boehm asked when reviews done. Jacobson said the reviews had been done in October. Boehm advised that he doesn’t think it is fair to employees to keep posting. Thomas advised item will be tabled and completed in March. 

Jasper Klein of AE2S provided an update regarding the Intake Project. Klein advised that they are still working with the NDDOT regarding permits and working on other permits. Still waiting to hear back regarding the other grant that had been applied for. Klein advised that AE2S wants to setup a meeting for later this month to discuss the design process. Jacobson confirmed that currently we are going through the process, but the commission has not voted to give the full authority to do the intake project. Klein did advise that at the March meeting they will be looking for approval to advertise. Thomas asked Klein if the emergent waterfall project goes through, what about the increase in sand washing down stream. Klein advised currently that project does not have a lot of support from the state, but AE2S would then advise the City to state their concerns regarding the project. Klein advised that he has reached out to David Lindell regarding the Water Treatment Plant ceiling and the flaking of the paint chips. 

Boehm asked if the City and AE2S can be more transparent when talking about the intake and any projects. Tana Larsen advised that WAEDA is engaging with AE2S also, WAEDA has received a grant from Department of Commerce for marketing fund. WAEDA would like to get ahead of some of these issues to help provide a positive message to the people. 


Jacobson: none 

Boehm: Airport Authority will meet on March 1st at the airport for their quarterly meeting. The Library will meet on February 27th for their quarterly board meeting. Boehm advised that Nathan Hacker from JLG Engineering will be coming to the old courthouse to do some measurements and create floor plan designs. 

Motion to approve the contract for services with the ND Department of Health for laboratory services, Thomas and seconded by Jacobson. Discussion: none. Aye: Jacobson, Boehm and Thomas. Nay: none. Absent: Kroll and Baumann. Motion Carried. 

Motion to renew the City of Washburn membership for Civic Club for $125.00, Thomas and seconded by Boehm. Discussion: Boehm asked if we are a member as a City or a commission. Hendrikson advised it would be as a City. Aye: Jacobson, Boehm and Thomas. Nay: none. Absent: Kroll and Baumann. Motion Carried. 

Motion to renew 2018 WAEDA business member for $150.00, Boehm and Thomas. Discussion: none. Aye: Jacobson, Boehm and Thomas. Nay: none. Absent: Kroll and Baumann. Motion Carried. 

Hendrikson advised that the McLean County Local Emergency Operation Plan Stakeholder is having a meeting on March 1st at the McLean County Courthouse and the commission is encouraged to attend. Also the Northern Plains National Heritage Area is holding a public meeting on February 20th at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. Also the Auditor’s Office is closed on Monday, February 19th for President’s Day. 

Clayton Verke asked who is responsible for the fire hydrates in Northview Estates. Thomas advised that he believes that they are part of maintenance program with the City. Verke advised that a hydrant was broke during the fire the other night. Thomas advised that the hydrants are made to be fixed and the City does have parts to fix the hydrant. Verke advised he thought that the City wasn’t allowed to work on those hydrants. Thomas advised that Northview should be on the City’s maintenance program. 


Jacobson questioned a bill for a physical for an employee. Thomas advised that is for Rothmann’s physical for his CDL. Jacobson and Thomas advised that they don’t think that the City should be paying for the physical. Thomas stated that if having a CDL is one of the requirements for work that it should be part of his licensing, the City doesn’t pay for a person’s driver’s license. Boehm asked if this is in Bryan’s job description. Thomas stated he isn’t sure if it is in his job description or not, but the employee needs to be able to drive the City’s equipment. Boehm asked if the City has paid for this bill in the past. Hendrikson advised that the bill came to the City and therefore it was brought to the commission for review. Jacobson advises he would assume that this would be the employee’s responsibility. Thomas stated that a person has to take some responsibility for themselves, the City can’t pay for everything. Paid Chk# 022132E 



Paid Chk# 022133E 



Paid Chk# 022134E 



Paid Chk# 022135E 



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