Washburn, North Dakota – WashburnLife

The committee is made up of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about the future of Washburn.

They work closely with local government businesses and residents to ensure that the community continues to grow and prosper



   Members Of Washburn Life 

Access to Member Grants & Sponsorships

Great River Energy offering annual scholarships to high school seniors
BSC Sponsorship & WRT Scholarship, both have a deadline of 3/1/2024




February 14th we are working with the City of Washburn to promote the community to license their animals. Do you know there are over 1500 unregistered animals in Washburn, ND?!?

Since we all know how much everyone loves their fur babies go down to the City of Washburn hand in your application  Show proof of vaccination, hand over $5.00, and get your tag.
Washburn Life made valentine goodie bags for all  newly licensed cat or dogs.  Free between now and Valentine’s Day!!

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